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November 21st, 2006, 10:42 pm

Because I don't have a blog, I use this

I have developed my own cognitive theory. Probably, someone has proposed something similar or identical before, but I havn't read it so can claim to be original.

First, we ignore subconscious processes, memory and so forth. We're talking cognitive. From here, the mind can be divided into two parts, which I label the "irrational" and the "logical." They mostly work in opposition, the irrational produces impulses, the logical produces inhibitions.

This theory doesn't teach us anything, its more a way to put what goes through my head into sciency words. I have a desire, or an "irrational impulse" and i immediately pick through it finding all the flaws, "logical inhibition." At any time, either side may be more powerful, which generall decides whether you follow the desire, or if you convince yourself not to.

All I can say is, if my irrational mind overtakes my logical, I'll probably get myself killed.

I am on holidays and have nothing else to do with my time than express my crazy theories.

Peace out,

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